Fined soldier lambasts lazy parents

Fined soldier lambasts lazy parents

A SOLDIER from Mirfield has hit out at ‘lazy’ parents after he was fined for parking outside his own home.

Craig Walker, 33, was stung for leaving his car partially on zig-zags near Battyeford Primary School on Nab Lane.

He came back from the shops one morning last month around 8.30am to find the space outside his home taken.

Craig tried to fit his Audi TT in, but the back wheels ended up in the zig-zag ‘no parking’ zone.

A mobile CCTV van went past and Army Air Corps veteran Craig, who has completed three tours of Afghanistan, got a £35 fine.

He complained to the school and was shown texts and letters sent to parents warning them not to park outside residents’ homes.

Craig said of parents: “To me it’s just laziness. When I was a kid I used to walk three miles to school every day.

“They’ve have been told to park away from the school and walk their child in if necessary, but they just ignore it.

“Taxis also double-park, which means buses can’t get through and then you’ve got carnage.”

He highlighted the irony of his fine and added: “I’ve been collared by one of the mobile vans brought in to sort this out.”

He is not taking his case any further after Kirklees Council rejected his appeal in a letter this week.

Craig added: “I think the only way we’ll get this situation sorted is if Kirklees make Nab Lane permit holders only.”

A council spokeswoman said advice on setting up such a scheme is available online, but there are conditions.

These include how many homes have off-street parking, whether residents are in favour and why there are parking problems.

She added: “We will continue to work with schools to look at ways to reduce congestion and increase road safety.

“However, any initiatives would need the support of the school, residents and parents to be successful.”

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