Fewer funerals for 20 weeks at crematorium

Fewer funerals for 20 weeks at crematorium

DEWSBURY Crematorium will be operating at reduced capacity as refurbishment work begins.

Instead of nine or 10 funerals a day, the Dewsbury Moor facility will only be able to host four services during the five-month revamp.

There will also be a full closure of the premises for a week.

Work to replace ageing cremators was due to start in December  as part of a £3m Kirklees investment in crematoria. 

The council said work to replace inefficient equipment, with the option to install a third cremator at Dewsbury in the future, has been planned for some time.

Refurbishment has begun and will run for 20 weeks while ‘front of house’ work, including upgrades to cold storage facilities and some structural changes, will be completed at a later date.

The two cremators in Dewsbury and three in Huddersfield presently handle around 3,000 cremations a year.

Council officials say the investment will give people confidence by preventing breakdowns and “ever-increasing manual intervention” to ensure services are “stress-free and respectful”.

New equipment will also feature emission controls to meet new government standards that come into force next year.

Crematoria will need to comply with a zero emissions rate for mercury, which is found in dental amalgam and can be released into the air from the incinerator stack.

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