Famous faces at the bar as pub celebrates a special day...

Famous faces at the bar as pub celebrates a special day...

DRINKERS in Mirfield raised a glass to Her Majesty last night (Thursday) – with the Queen herself and a few of her celebrity friends in attendance!

Regulars at the Old Colonial celebrated the monarch’s 90th birthday after she was spotted propping up the bar with an unusual royal retinue including US president Barack Obama, Simon Cowell, Ant & Dec and Mr Bean.

Landlord Tim Wood, well-known for his comedic stunts, said: “The Queen bobbed in on Thursday night for a quick drink and a roast swan sandwich with brown sauce.

“Apparently she’d been down in Ravensthorpe looking at some corgis that an equerry had found on eBay. It was lovely to see her and welcome all her friends on the occasion of her 90th birthday.”

Tim could not comment on rumours that the celebrity guests were merely cardboard cut-outs but said he hoped the Queen would also make an appearance at the pub’s St George’s Day event tomorrow night (Saturday).

“We’ve got a general knowledge quiz, so if we put some horse racing questions in then hopefully she’ll come back,” he quipped.

The event (8pm) is being hosted by Mirfield Rifle Volunteers’ fundraising group. Entry is £5 and the proceeds go to two charities – the Pilgrim Bandits, who work with injured armed forces veterans, and Christ the King Church in Mirfield, which runs a lunch programme for local people.

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