Family pet savaged by ‘bull terrier’ runaway

Family pet savaged by ‘bull terrier’ runaway

A COUPLE from Batley are in shock after their beloved family pet was killed in a vicious dog attack. 

Anne and John Woodhead, of Laurel Grove, were with 11-year-old Yorkshire terrier Sam on Easter Monday when the incident happened.

They were walking on Park Drive at around 8am when a Staffordshire bull terrier-type dog shot out of a property.

The animal grabbed Sam from behind and shook him in its mouth for several seconds.

Anne, who used to work at Kalon Paints in Birstall, and retired factory worker John, both 63, tried to rescue Sam.

But he suffered serious wounds to his chest and abdomen and died before they could get him to a vet.

The couple were both visibly upset as they told The Press what happened to Sam.

Devastated John said: “He was lovely and great company. We can’t imagine life without him.

“He liked to have his own way, including a biscuit before going to bed. He’d got set in his ways as he got older.”

John said police told him a resident on Park Drive last Sunday handed over an animal believed to have been the one involved.

As the dog bolted out of the house a man came running out after it, but by the time he caught up it was too late.

The animal is now to undergo genetic testing to establish if it is a banned breed.

A police spokesman said: “Officers have spoken with a 28-year-old local man who has been reported for summons to court.

“The animal in question has been seized and our enquiries are ongoing.”

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