‘Fake’ BNP Jo Cox leaflet causes fury all round

‘Fake’ BNP Jo Cox leaflet causes fury all round

THE BRITISH National Party (BNP) has denied distributing a leaflet in Dewsbury about the death of Jo Cox MP.

It was condemned in the House of Commons as “horrendous” by the town’s MP Paula Sherriff.

The plain white and black leaflet carried the address, telephone number and email address of the BNP’s head office in Cumbria.

Miss Sherriff told a parliamentary debate on hate crime that the leaflet was posted through letterboxes in her constituency on Tuesday.

But it had none of the far right group’s usual branding and was dismissed as a fake by party treasurer Clive Jefferson.

He told a national newspaper: “It’s obviously a fake – it’s ridiculous. We have never produced or distributed a leaflet mentioning Jo Cox and it’s absolutely disgraceful.”

Asked if a supporter of the BNP may have taken it upon themselves, Mr Jefferson said he believed it was a “black ops” smear attempt.

“It’s obviously somebody malicious – cruel towards her family and cruel to us,” he said.

The BNP is demanding an apology from Miss Sherriff and Home Office minister Karen Bradley, who also commented.

They are also considering making complaints against media who attributed the leaflet to the group without seeking comment.

The Dewsbury Division of the English Defence League condemned the leaflet on Facebook.

In a statement they wrote in part: “We have commentated (sic) on the charities that the late Jo Cox was connected with.

“However we are disgusted and complete distant (sic) our movement from the leaflets about her that have been posted in our area.

“After such a memorable vote by the British people one thing is certain – this type of behavior does not help our cause.”

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