Extra patrols targeting the pickpockets

POLICE in Dewsbury had pickpockets in their sights in the runup to Christmas.

There were extra patrols in Dewsbury town centre all this week and officers were alerting shoppers to the dangers of pursedippers.

Police were also handing out antitheft purse chains and secret pockets to help people keep purses, wallets and other valuables safe.

The chains attach purses to handbags while the secret pockets are attached to a cord worn around the neck.

Sgt Dave Briggs, of Dewsbury and Mirfield Neighbourhood Policing Team, said officers were on the streets to spot thieves and prevent shoppers from becoming victims.

Sgt Briggs said older people were most vulnerable but warned everyone to be careful.

He added: Some people carry photos in their purses or other items of sentimental value which cannot be replaced but they forget to protect them when out shopping.

These chains are a good deterrent and can go some way towards protecting your purse and its contents. The pockets are also a great way to conceal cash and valuables.

Sgt Briggs said handbags should be kept closed with the clasp facing inwards.

If someone tries to snatch your bag let it go, he said. It is not worth getting hurt for its contents.

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