Excouncillor still looking for answers

Khizar Iqbal, the former Tory councillor who first raised concerns about the MMBC, is intent on getting answers, saying Kirklees Council has been complicit in a ‘cover up’.

He acknowledged Wednesday’s committee findings but said: “I still believe that the council have assisted in the cover up of major wrongdoing by the Muslim Mosque Burial Committee and that this culture of secrecy is being perpetuated.”

Mr Iqbal revealed he has made an official complaint to the police and reported Coun Abdul Patel to the council’s monitoring officer. He added: “I can also reveal that a Freedom of Information request to see all the relevant emails between the council, certain councillors and the MMBC has been refused and of the emails I have been allowed to see, many of the them have been redacted to the point that they are not legible to understand or even read.

“I am also about to submit my complaint against Mr Adrian Lythgo and Kirklees Council to the Local Government Ombudsman and the Audit Commission for their failures in this matter and that of the Savile Town Community Centre and the Taleem Training and Community Centre all of which the council seem to have covered up and intend to do nothing further about.”

Mr Iqbal also voiced concern that the committee is still being allowed to carry out burials despite being in breach of lease conditions including taking out insurance.

“Kirklees Council are responsible for putting public safety at risk but seem to be indifferent to that fact,” he said.

A Kirklees spokesman said the council has no authority to act in the matter.

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