EU referendum: Local reaction

THE EU referendum vote may not have an immediate effect on residents, a councillor has claimed.

Tory leader Coun David Hall (Con, Liversedge and Gomersal) believes public services will stay as they are for now.

Last week local residents voted by a margin of 55 to 45 per cent for the UK to leave the EU.

Dewsbury Lib Dem activist Ednan Hussain disagrees and says the impact will be felt soon – and all the more in poorer areas.

But Coun Hall said: “In the short term I don’t think people will see much difference – council services will stay as they are.

“And the chancellor has said there’ll be no changes to the budget until after we have a new Prime Minister.”

But he warned: “In time to come it will make a difference because if it didn’t there wouldn’t be any point in doing it.

“I’m very much hoping that the fall in the pound will make it cheaper for our exporters to find new markets in other parts of the world.”

Coun Hall, who was at the referendum count last week, said the vote in his ward was about four to one in favour of leaving the EU.

He claimed people in poorer areas such as the Shirley estate and Windy Bank may have found pro-EU messages irrelevant.

Coun Hall said: “When you think about Remain’s arguments they were all about things that appeal to people who have money in the first place – the cost of foreign holidays, mobile phone tarriffs abroad and the need for work visas for business travel.

“When you’re trying to make ends meet you’re not likely to be worried about things like that.”

Lib Dem Ednan Hussain said: “It’s already clear how the economic uncertainty is putting at risk jobs and future investment.

“That will hit the poorest hardest. And we know how the Conservatives will deal with a weak economy – by further slashing public expenditure and on top of that council budgets.

“As a result Kirklees residents will lose yet more vital services. Brexit will also make it even harder to get funding for the regeneration of Dewsbury.”


Kirklees voters were determined to Leave

KIRKLEES: The electorate voted to leave the European Union last Thursday by a bigger margin than the national picture.

Leave gained 118,775 votes in the district to Remain’s 98,485, for a majority of 20,270 (9.33 per cent) on a turnout of 70.75 per cent. Observers said the figures from north Kirklees were significantly higher than the Huddersfield area.

Nationally the Leave campaign won by 51.89 per cent to 48.11 per cent for a majority of 3.78 per cent. Leeds was the only part of West Yorkshire to vote Remain, and then only by 2,389 votes (0.62 per cent) out of nearly 400,000 cast.

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