Entertainer's life saved by cancer kit

OSSETT entertainer John Breslin is backing a cancer project after his life was saved thanks to a simple hometesting kit.
John, 70, pictured right, received the bowel cancer kit through the post last September.
The professional singer took the test despite having no obvious symptoms and went to see a doctor over an ‘inconclusive’ result.
John was referred to a screening centre in Halifax, where a colonoscopy revealed he was in the early stages of developing bowel cancer.
He had surgery at Dewsbury District Hospital and made a full recovery because the disease was caught early.
John decided to speak out in support of the scheme, which is aimed at 60 to 69yearolds, after figures showed half throw the kits away.
He said: “My wife encouraged me to take the test. I didn't know what to think when it came back as ‘inconclusive’.
“But I sent it to the screening centre anyway and was later left numb with shock when the medical team told me I had cancer.
“During my time on the ward I met another man who had bowel cancer. He had ignored it for so long that it had spread to other parts of his body.
“I was one of the lucky ones. I would recommend to everyone who gets one of these kits not to bin it. If you catch it early the future is good.”
The project is a joint initiative run by the MidYorkshire and Huddersfield and Calderdale NHS trusts.
Symptoms of bowel cancer, the third most common form of the disease, include blood in stools, tiredness and anaemia.
Eight out of 10 bowel cancer cases affect men and women aged 60 or over, which is why the project targets people in this age group.  
Cancer nurse Bridget Keegan said: “Currently only 50 per cent of those who receive the kit complete and return it.
“It’s a simple test that can save your life or the life of someone you know. I urge people not to ignore it, even if you don’t have any symptoms.”
Anyone who has not got a kit can request one by ringing 0800 707 6060 or by calling the screening centre in Halifax on 01422 222913.

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