Education chief holds talks with school council

STUDENTS stepped up their fight to save Birkdale High School when they met Kirklees Council’s education chief Alison O’Sullivan.
Ms O’Sullivan had a private meeting with members of the student council on Wednesday.
She said that while the plan was still to close the school, the move had yet to be approved by the ruling Cabinet.
That leaves staff and pupils with a chance to persuade councillors to reverse the decision.
Student council member Lisa Usher, a year 11 pupil, told Ms O’Sullivan that Kirklees would be axeing a successful and popular school.
She told The Press afterwards: “I told her that before I came here in year 9 from another school, my grades were quite poor.
“But since then I’ve started doing much better. The teachers are really nice and I’m learning a lot. I don’t want the school to close.”
Ms O’Sullivan revealed the failed BSF bid, which was based on expanding Westborough High School, meant there was a future for Birkdale’s buildings. It is possible that Birkdale may close and then reopen as a separate campus of Westborough high.
Birkdale Year nine pupil Akeeb Yasin, who is also on the school’s student council, expressed concerns about uniform costs.
He said: “Many of my friends are from families who struggled with the cost of buying a uniform.
“If the school closes then I think people may not be able to afford the new uniform or the cost of travelling to a different school.”
Head Christine Caraher said the fight to save the school was not over.

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