Ed rides again...

Ed rides again...

I'VE got to give wee Terry Zaman his due. Ooh he must have been miffed at my Ed Lines Facebook column on Wednesday night. That, or his son Yusuf (who posted on it) acted on daddy's behalf. Anyway, Facebook felt I was a tad too cruel to the nasty little toe-rag and took the post down. Hey ho, it's their playground, I guess they make the rules.

However this is my playground! So the post is in full below, and in future anything I put up on the Ed Lines Facebook page will come on here too. It does feel a little strange being on our old website ... rather like wandering round an empty house you once lived in. Still, it serves a purpose. If ever I disappear off social media, hopefully you'll find me here. Keep fighting the good fight!


Reasons to raise a glass are rare at the moment, so I can’t pass up on this opportunity to celebrate a kick in the knackers for Dewsbury’s no.1 villain Tahir ‘Terry’ Zaman.

The little bloke – and I imagine we’re talking a dick the size of a broken pencil – who prances around in his white robes like the district’s Pocket Prophet, was hit with a maximum £2,500 fine for fly-tipping this week. It was the eventual conclusion of one of Kirklees Council’s sorriest scandals. One with a cold, suicidal body at its roots.

For Terry, who has more convictions than some Mafia families, the £2.5k slap on the wrist was little more than pocket money, despite him being a serial corporate thief who has been struck off by Companies House and now runs his businesses through his sons. I think they’re called Ragtag and Bobtail, but I might be wrong. A couple of brain-dead but willing stooges, anyway.

The story reverts to derelict mills on Pepper Royd Street in Eastborough, which Zaman started developing before he had planning permission – they still haven’t – and whose grounds he used as one of his many and various public shitholes. Well, why wouldn’t he? He owns Dewsbury’s Labour councillors. Mr Untouchable.

Remember when the virtuous Dewsbury East Cllr Eric Firth gave evidence that he didn’t know Zaman while intervening on his behalf over one of the little convicted slumlord’s planning applications? Firth – spit – was working at that time for Shahid Malik, whose home/office landlord was Zaman. That’s like me or you saying we’ve never met our mother-in-law, despite her coming in the kitchen for a brew three times a week.

The day Zaman was supposed to stand trial on the fly-tipping, it was adjourned because his main defence witness had hung himself from his loft in Bywell Close, Dewsbury. That was former chair of Heavy Woollen District Planning and recent Mayor, Cllr Paul Kane. The night before Paul hung himself, he vented long and angrily to people close to him, about his regrets for getting so close to Zaman.

Firth (along with notable others from Kirklees Council) didn’t darken Dewsbury Minster’s doorstep for Paul’s funeral, thankfully. Meanwhile, almost before his body was cold, Cllr Cathy Scott had taken up Zaman’s cudgel, demanding of senior Kirklees officers why the hell they were persecuting this upstanding paragon of Dewsbury’s business virtue.

How do I know? I just do.

Now, let’s take a breath. Legal proceedings were active. I’m no lawyer but could reasonably argue that Cllr Scott risked being in Contempt of Court for attempting to influence ongoing proceedings. You can go to jail for that.

What could the lying, thieving little toe-rag Zaman have on her? He didn’t pay for your new jacuzzi or something did he Cathy? (I’ve no idea if she has a jacuzzi by the way). But there had to be something, given the number of his various civil and criminal transgressions. I wish I knew, because I have confidential reasons to think highly of some of the work Cllr Scott has done alongside me, stuff that doesn’t get in newspapers. I’d hate to think she was doing the ‘double agent’ gig on me.

What, you think all of this is a bit ‘Hollywood’ for a local paper in Dewsbury? Maybe I need to write the last part of my Islamic Republic of Dewsbury trilogy, finally closing the door on that tragic episode. It probably deserves it.

Anyway, the next trial date for Zaman and his sons was adjourned because wee Terry was overseas on business in Dubai or suchlike … and on and on it dragged, until he was finally convicted in absentia this week and hit with the maximum £2,500 fine.

It was a victory of sorts, but not one that will bring any deserved closure to the friends, family and loved ones of Paul Kane, a man I didn’t always consider to be seeing things through my eyes, but who would always look you straight in the eye.

Zaman? I don’t think I’m done with that little scrote yet.

Not with all this time on my hands…

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