Ed Lines – today's science test!

Ed Lines – today's science test!

I’ve been reluctant to bear the depressing tidings that you won’t be flying anywhere on a summer holiday this year. Possibly, probably, not even next year. And that you’ll be obediently wearing a mask and social distancing certainly through the foreseeable future. Possibly forever, given the hapless, head-down, shuffle-along-as-you’re-told subservience of the British public. But why stop at British? The Irish are way ahead of us on telling their people they can forget about ‘normality’. That this is the new normal.

And much the same situation exists around the world. Heck, Western Australia shut the entire state down upon discovering one positive case of Covid-19. Madness. Complete and utter, ruinous madness. And yet people appear to lap it up, to be grateful for being ‘protected’ from a supposedly killer virus that is survived by 99.97% of people.

I’m stopping apologising for hurting the feelings of people who have lost family or friends to Covid (if indeed they actually did, given the state-approved deceits of the NHS). This winter has been a moderately bad flu season, nothing more – check the stats folks, they’re out there – with the caveat of reading ‘Covid’ instead of ‘flu’. But no one seems interested in facts, so long as they can remain cossetted in their vaccinated fantasyland of surviving ‘the black death’. Ffs, as the yoof-shorthand would have it.

There is no pandemic except in the conniving minds of politicians and their paid acolytes. And yet barely anyone is asking ‘why?’ If we can’t think of a plausible reason ‘why?’ then this entire nightmare must be true, surely? To judge by the vast majority of people who consider Johnson and Hancock to be saviours instead of liars responsible for untold numbers of non-Covid deaths, you’d have to think so.

Sorry, no, I’m not having that. Such as the pandemic does exist, it is within the discredited science surrounding the PCR test, which more than a half-a-million of us – sorry, you – are enthusiastically lining up for every day. Not people with symptoms, mind you, just jokers who must enjoy getting anything that’s free.

“I know, given that we’ve sod-all else to do today, let’s go out and get a Covid test!”

“Ooh, good idea. A change is as good as a rest!”

I have been told of at least four people who booked for tests, didn’t like the length of the queue and walked away, who subsequently received positive results and were instructed to self-isolate. Why would those people lie about that? You’ve probably heard similar stories.

The PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) technique, was invented by Dr Kary Mullis who won a Nobel Prize for it and emphasised it should “never” be used to try to detect infections like Covid-19. As you read this, the man who developed PCR to create the first actual Covid-19 test, a German virologist by the name of Christian Drosten, is being sued by eminent scientists and clinicians over it.

Why? Because it doesn’t work. Over half-a-million Brits a day are queuing up for a test which is less reliable than tossing a coin over whether to self-isolate or not.

At the risk of boring you with science, here’s how the PCR test works, and why it actually doesn’t. The sample you give has to be ‘amplified’ in order for the test to detect if your DNA contains the nasty little gremlin that is Covid. Up to 30-cycles of amplifying that sample can give a reasonable result, apparently. Beyond that results diminish and by the time you get past 35 cycles the reliability of your result is around 0%. No, I didn’t miss a ‘10’ out, or even a ‘5’ or a ‘1’. 0%. As in zero.

Who says that? Anthony Fauci, the USA’s very own Covid-scaremonger in chief, that’s who. Our equivalent of Prof Chris Whitty.

You may or may not have Covid, but that’s the reliability of PCR tests at 35 cycles. Meanwhile lots of companies joined the headlong rush to develop PCR tests, because this is the gravy train that can’t stop giving – just like the vaccine goldrush.

Here are just five PCR manufacturers whose cycle amplification statistics are in the public domain.

Gnomegen – 39 cycles. GK Pharmaceuticals – 40 cycles. InBios 45, Luminex Aires 45 and Quest Diagnostics, 50 cycles. All completely worthless, but all established parts of the Covid-racket being inflicted on billions of duped goons around the world.

Google them, go on – you can buy your own test for between £99 and £109. But if you have zero symptoms, why should you?

Oh, because Chris Whitty and Patrick Vallance have said you can be ‘asymptomatic’ and still infectious, right? Do you know how many hundreds of eminent scientists and clinicians have completely trashed that idea?

But it gets no traction. Why? We’re still in lockdown despite the Covid second spike effectively peaking in mid-December. I’ll throw this in the mix too. The US states that refused to lockdown this winter all saw their cases, hospitalisations and deaths peak within days of the UK’s. At levels remarkably similar to ours.

And that’s pretty much the evidence around the world – lockdowns make no difference once a virus is in the community. And masks have been shown to be pretty useless, except in identifying the members of the awkward squad. There’s plenty of science showing that masks people use repeatedly (and don’t we all?) are actually more of a hazard than a help.

But again, that doesn’t even get questioned. Why, why, why?

Find the answer to that, and you’ll understand why you won’t be getting on a plane to Tenerife this summer, and will still be under enforced semi-lockdown in perpetuity.

I hope I’m wrong. I pray I’m wrong. But with each passing week that the Sheeples succumb to this new authoritarianism, seemingly loving it, the more I doubt it.

But anyway, you guys go get your vaccine – the one they gladly tell you might not stop you either getting Covid or passing it on, which rather throws the need for it in doubt to some of us. It’s not scientifically speaking a vaccine at all, but I severely doubt it’s going to either give you superpowers or kill you stone dead. Even Johnson and Hancock aren’t that stupid. I think.

But if most of the country has had the jab by summer, and you’re still being told to socially distance and prevented from gathering in large numbers, then even the sheepest of Sheeples might finally start asking ‘why?’

Why indeed.

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