Ed Lines – Time For Fighting Talk!

Ed Lines – Time For Fighting Talk!


At my age I can give Boris Johnson six years and Chris Whitty eight. Matt Hancock a full 20 years. But I’d give five years of whatever my own remaining life is, to be locked in a room with those three cretins for an hour. Ten minutes would probably do.

The countless deaths they have caused – and will cause for years to come. The women they’ve caused to be abused, the tragic and lonely suicides laying directly at their feet; the hundreds of thousands of jobs they’ve trashed, the generation of children and young people’s lives they’ve blighted.

For what? That’s an answer we still seek after almost a year, but it’s not one we’re any closer to getting.

Three men against one? I’ve always thought the person most likely to win any fight wasn’t necessarily the biggest or nastiest, but the angriest one with the most righteous cause. Bullies often get their comeuppance because their heart isn’t really in it. They’re just used to the meek whimpering off in submission – kind of like 60-odd million British people have done, and continue to do.

I’m angry. Properly angry. Furious to the point of raging at the walls of my house. If I got my wish those three’s best chance would be to cower in a corner, clinging to each other, wetting themselves and wailing “we’re sorry, we’re sorry, we didn’t mean it”.

Oh but they did. And they do. And even if I got myself battered, boy would it be worth it.

What’s flipped me over the edge?

What hasn’t?

This latest lockdown was completely pointless. You get that, don’t you? No? Really? You actually think you ‘saved the NHS’? Wow. Want to buy a used car...?

There isn’t a statistic Johnson, Hancock, Whitty and their SAGE friends could find, that would show anything other than British ‘cases’ mirroring the rise, peak and inexorable fall, of any and every country where Covid is in the general population.

If there was one, don’t you think the BBC would be shoving it down your throats, twice daily?

Lockdown once, twice, thrice or not at all. Whether a corona or flu virus, a seasonal respiratory infection does its rounds every year. Some people fall ill, some are very poorly, the old and vulnerable die. Year after year since time immemorial.

The numbers show the infection rate was already peaking by the time this latest ruinous lockdown was jackbooted down on people’s (mostly willing) throats. But it was the same across the world, including countries or states which remained open.

Schools aren’t closed because children transmit the virus – it’s because Johnson is shit-scared of taking on the teachers’ unions, who are far more concerned with scoring petty political anti-Tory points, than millions of children’s educational well-being.

But hey, a multi-millionaire, up-himself Premier League footballer can throw a Tweet at this government and it rolls over for its belly tickling, pausing only to sign-off another multi-million pound giveaway and hand him an MBE. 

I don’t know about a football, but I need to kick something.

Hospitals are half empty, and where they’re stretched it’s through staff absenteeism. My close friend’s wife has a nice big room to herself. Months of cancelled tests “because of Covid” came to a head when she was rushed into hospital. They operated on her for five hours on Monday and were continuing today. She’s riddled with cancer. Please God it isn’t too late.

Another friend’s business partner had a breast cancer op last year but her radiology treatment was cancelled “because of Covid”. She was back last week with multiple new lumps.

Get this. “Why didn’t you have your radiology?” asked the doc. “Because I was told it was cancelled,” she said. “Oh, we thought you just hadn’t turned up.”

I’m not kidding. Why did no one pick up the phone? Because we’re talking about real lives cut short, not 80-somethings in end-of-life care whose tragic last days have been cemented in isolation, just so a deceitful ‘covid’ stamp could go on a death certificate.  

Up to 40% of all Covid cases have been caught in hospital. Almost as many in care homes. Subtract them and the country hasn’t even had a bad flu season. That’s the bare-faced truth of your unfit-for-purpose NHS and social care system, no matter how many sainted angels they may have working in them.

And so to today. Johnson, or more probably his new policy guru (and girlfriend) Carrie Symonds, via her pal and his new Media/PR chief Allegra Stratton, were punting out to their pet media outlets the possibility of opening pubs and hospitality venues … by June or July. In limited groups of six. Or two families. Or some other such off-the-cuff mind-control horseshit, that just gives the SAGE pricks a collective hard-on. How they must laugh at the gullible, silly little people. Oh, and the masks will be here to stay. And the social distancing. In perpetuity.

Why? Because they can. And because you mugs love it. “Oooh, I survived the Covid you know ... aren’t I lucky?”

Excuse me – in that case what the hell are the vaccines about? Have they really got you all to swallow the 'new normal' dictatorship so easily? Guess so.

Meanwhile Professor of Infectious Disease Epidemiology Mark Woolhouse – who reports to SAGE – told MPs there’s never been a Covid outbreak linked to beaches, anywhere in the world. Get that? The world. Quote: “There’s been very, very little evidence that any transmission outdoors is happening in the UK.”

But golf will stay banned, as will most other sporting and outdoor activities despite vitamin-D (which the sun provides) being a proven protection against Covid. But especially pubs and churches.

And really, why do you think they don’t want people gathering in large numbers, possibly ever again? In pubs, golf clubs, churches … you don’t think it might be because, if we all get talking, and sharing our anger and frustrations, and the massive Covid deceit is truly exposed, that we might actually march on Downing Street? 

Can I be at the front, please?

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