ECG GP boost for heart patients

LOCAL patients are now able to have electrocardiogram (ECG) tests in their local GP surgery and get results almost immediately, instead of having to travel to a hospital and wait weeks before tests results are returned.

The North Kirklees Clinical Commissioning Group, which runs community health services, has commissioned private firm Broomwell Healthwatch to provide ECG readings.

The ECG is used to monitor heart abnormalities. The test is performed in the GP practice by nurses or GPs, giving patients a quicker, more effective service closer to their homes.

All but one of the 30 GP practices in North Kirklees are able to offer the ECG service to patients.

Dr David Kelly, chairman of NHS North Kirklees CCG and also a Heckmondwike GP, said: “Instead of a period of weeks, a matter of minutes is now how long it takes to get ECG results back.

“Within just a few minutes of taking a test, a GP can receive results and discuss them with their patients in the comfort of their local practice.

“There was a clear demand for this service from our member practices in North Kirklees and their support in helping to implement the system quickly has been key.”

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