District's MPs have their say on Brexit votes

District's MPs have their say on Brexit votes

THE DISTRICT’S two Labour MPs abstained on different Brexit options as fresh indicative votes were put to the House of Commons on Monday night.

Politicians were asked to vote on four non-legally binding options to potentially break the impasse over Brexit in Parliament. 

They were: 1) a customs union; 2) Common Market 2.0; 3) holding a second referendum, and 4) giving power to parliament to revoke Brexit if ‘No Deal’ was imminent.

Dewsbury MP Paula Sherriff abstained on the idea of another referendum, the so-called People’s Vote but supported all the other options.

Tracy Brabin, MP for Batley & Spen, abstained on the idea of parliament being able to block Brexit if ‘No Deal’ was set to happen.

However none of the four options were supported by a majority in the House of Commons.

Miss Sherriff said: “Theresa May is dragging us towards a cliff edge Brexit decision. Her approach has left our rights, public services and industries at risk.

“I have been clear throughout this process – from my vote to trigger Article 50, to where we are today – that a No Deal exit, and the damage it would cause, would be a disaster for our country and must be prevented.

“I have also been clear that we can only accept a deal which meets Labour’s six tests and protects our economy as best we can, while respecting the way my constituency voted.

 “We do need to find a way to break this impasse, and bring ourselves together with a deal which is good for the UK economically, politically and socially.

“Most of all, as a Member of Parliament, I need to be able to look my constituents in the eye and know that I have done my best to represent them all.”

Ms Brabin commented: “I’ve been absolutely clear throughout the Brexit process that I believe no-deal would be catastrophic for communities like Batley and Spen and I’ve consistently backed efforts seeking to remove the option of leaving the EU without a deal.

“What is important now is that we work towards a solution that can unite Parliament and our nation and deliver a Brexit that puts jobs, opportunities and workers’ rights first. At this time I do not believe revoking article 50 and effectively ending the process of leaving the EU is the right way to achieve this or what the people expect.”

On Wednesday evening both local MPs voted to force the prime minister to ask for an extension to the Brexit process, in a bid to avoid any no-deal scenario. Former Labour minister Yvette Cooper’s bill passed by 313 votes to 312.

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