Disabled woman hits out at drivers’ illegal parking

Disabled woman hits out at drivers’ illegal parking

A DISABLED woman has hit out motorists in Batley who park in bays reserved for blue badge holders.

Patricia Taylor, 67, claims she has been abused by drivers who park illegally along Commercial Street.

The Batley Rotary Club secretary gets about on crutches due to a permanent hip problem.

Mrs Taylor, of Carlinghow Lane, has a blue badge and comes to shop in Batley on Mondays, Thursdays or Fridays.

And often Mrs Taylor finds she can’t park and there are no traffic wardens to complain to.

She said: “Normally there’s someone sat in the car waiting. When I approach them I’ve been insulted and told to mind my own business.

“Well, it is my business as these irresponsible people are taking a space that I’m entitled to use and they aren’t.”

In one case a driver did move – but only to another disabled bay nearby while waiting for a friend collecting takeaway food.

Others dropping off clothes to a second-hand shop park in disabled bays opposite the Tesco entrance on Commercial Street.

Another, visiting a bank, threatened Mrs Taylor when she complained, with her husband having to step in.

Mrs Taylor said: “I’ve told countless drivers if they want to use the disabled parking bays then they can have my disability!

“Sometimes I’ve had to walk the length of Commercial Street, which causes me a lot of pain, not that these selfish drivers seem to care.

“And I can’t remember the last time I saw a traffic warden. We could do with one solely patrolling Commercial Street.”

A Kirklees Council spokeswoman said traffic wardens have been asked to monitor the use of disabled bays.

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