Dewsbury neighbours celebrate huge lottery win

Dewsbury neighbours celebrate huge lottery win

LUCKY residents on a street in Dewsbury won their share of a whopping £390,000 thanks to the People’s Postcode Lottery.

Thirteen neighbours on Woodkirk Gardens netted £30,000 each after their postcode, WF12 7HZ, was announced as a winner in the national postcode lottery draw on Sunday. The competition sees subscribers pay £10 a month to enter into each draw, with ‘guaranteed winners every day’ and cash donated to a series of good causes.

One winner, retired Michael Brook, said he didn’t believe it was real when lottery ambassadors Judie McCourt and Jeff Brazier delivered the special golden envelope to him and wife Lynn. 

He said: “This is mind-blowing – winning this kind of money when you’re retired and on a fixed income really is life-changing!”

Lynn added: “It was our 46th wedding anniversary yesterday and we had a small party, but maybe a bigger one is in line now!

“It’s Michael’s 70th birthday in September and we were thinking about booking a cruise down the Danube, but we’ll be able to do more than think about it now with this money! We can’t wait to get the kids round to tell them and pop open a bottle of fizz.”

Mother-of-two Christine Fothergill said she would use some of the money to take her family on holiday.

“I’d been out with my mum that morning, but when I drove into my street and saw Jeff and a People’s Postcode Lottery it hit home what was happening,” said the 41-year-old.

“My son and daughter had been out all day at the Gawthorpe Coal Carrying Championships, but when they came home I got them to open the gold envelope again and they were jumping up and down.

“We’ll do something fun with the money like go on an adventure holiday with the kids, either a safari trip or a once-in-a-lifetime visit to Australia.”

Among the other winners was 75-year-old Brenda Crossland, who said: “I was expecting £1,000 so to get £30,000 is amazing.

“It’s a tremendous amount and I’m not quite sure what to do with it all but a holiday somewhere hot would be fantastic and I might upgrade the car too. However before all that I think a celebration is in order!”

Also winning were 48-year-old Sarah Walsh, Christopher Greenwood, 41, 44-year-old Vicky Day and Lesley Lewer, 59. 

Sarah said: “We’ve never had spare money like this, it’s a dream come true. We’ve always lived month to month, so this will be a great help.”

The other winners couldn’t be there on the day to collect their cheques, but the prize money will be paid into their bank accounts.

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