Developers withdraw White Lee project for 200 homes

Developers withdraw White Lee project for 200 homes

CAMPAIGNERS have rejoiced at a “small victory” in stopping hundreds of homes being built on green space.

Developers Hallam Land Management have withdrawn plans to build 200 homes on land off White Lee Road in Batley.

But there is a chance other developers could still lodge new applications for the land while the Local Plan is being finalised.

Clare Naughton, who has led the campaign against development from the outset, said: “It’s a victory in the now but that field has had three attempts to have houses built on it, so it’s not in the clear yet.

“We know that there is a shortage of housing, there is an issue. We are not against houses being built if they are in the right places.

“The most important thing is we want them to explore brownfield sites. 

“Difficult decisions will have to be made at some point, but brownfield sites should be used first.”

Ms Naughton, who lives on Jail Lane, just off White Lee Road, and fellow campaigner Andy Slater, who lives on nearby Mortimer Terrace, thanked the thousands of people who signed a petition.

Mr Slater said: “It’s excellent news for the area.

“They weren’t affordable homes, they were four-five bedroom houses with around 1,000 people to fit in the schools and the air pollution and congestion would have been ridiculous.”

He added: “A big thank you to the thousands of people who signed an online petition and the hundreds who bothered to send objection letters against this planning application meaning 200 homes will not be built imminently on White Lee fields.

“A big thank you to the council for having the decency to stand up to the developers.

“Hopefully these fields will stay like this for years for many more thousands of people to enjoy.”

A meeting at Batley Town Hall on March 1 will discuss proposed housing developments, land allocations, safeguarded land and urban green spaces in the Batley and Spen area.

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