Delight for Leila, 5, after dance school says 'yes'

Delight for Leila, 5, after dance school says 'yes'

A REMARKABLE young girl with learning difficulties but a love of dancing has become the star of the show after finally finding a dance school happy to take her on.

Little Leila Higgins, aged five, is as keen on dancing as her big sister Zoe, who is seven, but their mum Libby Higgins of Cleckheaton had difficulties finding a dance school that was able to accommodate her.

Leila had a stroke when she was a few weeks old and two of the main blood vessels feeding the right side of her brain became blocked and caused extensive damage. Initially, her parents John and Libby were told that she may never walk or talk and be totally dependent on them.

Fast forward almost five years and Leila is an amazing little girl with a wicked sense of humour who brightens up people’s days just by being around, never more so than when she’s attending a Timesetep School of Dance ‘Cheer Tots’ session.

Rachel Walmsley of Timestep, which is based at the Ponderosa Business Park in Heckmondwike, explained: “I was talking to Leila’s mum at one of my fitness classes and she was looking for some dance activities for her daughters, because she said Leila had been turned away at a few. We have a number of youngsters with challenging conditions, from being in remission from cancer to autism, so it was never a problem with us. Leila’s been absolutely great and her older sister Zoe is always on hand to help her.

“It’s got to the stage where I’m doing one-to-one pilates sessions with Leila now, to try to help her to walk. She never stops talking and is so strong-willed and determined to succeed.”

Timestep are now offering Streetdance classes for children with mobility disabilities and parents and carers are invited to attend the classes, which are aimed at children from the age of four and upwards and begin on Saturday, September 12.

For more details call Rachel Walmsley on 07950 325836.

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