Dealer must pay £80k or face extra two years

Dealer must pay £80k or face extra two years

A DRUG dealer from Dewsbury must repay more than £80,000 within three months, or face an extra two years in prison.

Asad Mohammed Daud, 29, was found to have made hundreds of thousands of pounds from his activities.

But his available assets came to £83,437.11 and a confiscation order has been made for that sum at Leeds Crown Court.

Daud, of Cowper Street, Savile Town, was jailed for seven years and three months in June last year.

He admitted possessing heroin, cocaine and cannabis with intent to supply, and possessing criminal property.

It was agreed in court that serial offender Daud had made £222,885.51 from his criminal conduct.

Police found more than £50,000 in cash in neat elasticated bundles in the boot of a car at his home.

There was also more than two kilogrammes of heroin and crack cocaine worth £160,000 in another vehicle nearby belonging to Daud.

In 2009 Daud was jailed for 16 months for possessing cocaine with intent to supply. He then received a three-year jail sentence for supplying heroin and crack cocaine in June, 2010.

Daud’s later arrest made him liable, as a “three strike” offender, for a minimum seven-year term.

Tony Kelbrick, for Daud, said his client came to be involved as an addict who was easily controlled by others.

He added Daud regretted his actions and had become clean of drugs while in prison.

Judge James Spencer QC ruled Daud’s available assets should be seized and gave him three months to pay up.

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