Deadly spiders’ nest – in bunch of Tesco bananas!

A MUM from Cleckheaton attacked a nest of deadly spiders in a bunch of bananas with boiling water.

When confronted by one of the world’s most venomous arachnids, most people would probably run away.

But Laura Horsfield, 31, took to Facebook to identify the nest in bananas bought from the town’s Tesco branch on Northgate.

Pictures posted and compared by online friends seemed to confirm the white pouch as belonging to Brazilian wandering spiders.

The species is the world’s most poisonous and can sometimes be found in shipments of bananas.

Laura did not want to put her four children, Leon, 14, Chloe, eight, Luke, seven, and Jake, five, at risk by letting them hatch.

So Laura stamped on the nest, poured boiling water on them and suffocated them in an airtight bag. She said: “The moment I saw it, I thought it looked like a nest, as there were dark shapes inside."

But Laura did not know what they were and decided she was not going to start poking around to find out.

The bananas had been bought more than a day earlier and left on a kitchen worktop all night.

Three bananas from the bunch had already been picked off and eaten through the day by Laura’s children.

She was cutting up the remaining two bananas for an after-school snack when she saw the nest.

“If I had cut just a fraction higher, I would have cut into the nest and the pouch would have opened, releasing whatever lurked inside,” she said.

Husband Lee, 30, was at work, which meant quick-thinking Laura dealt with the situation.

She added: “It’s terrifying to think it had been in my house for so long and and that my kids were picking bananas and eating them.”

A spokesman for Tesco said: “Given the freshness of our produce, this sort thing can happen only on very rare occasions.

“We’ve apologised for any distress caused. Our customer service team are contacting her to arrange suitable fumigation and a gesture of goodwill.”

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