Day of health checks as women feel the pressure

CORONARY heart disease has always been considered a male problem – but soon more women than men could be living with the condition.

High blood pressure can contribute to heart attacks and strokes, which makes it important blood pressures are checked.

Dewsbury Women’s Health Group is holding a ‘Blood Pressure Day’ for women on Friday July 8 at their centre, 7 Wellington Street, Dewsbury, from 11am to 3pm.

Local doctors, health visitors and cardiac nurses will be on hand to take blood pressures and give advice on tackling heart disease.

Maureen Tierney, pictured left, is the chairman of the group.

She said: “Research shows women are four times more likely to die of heart disease than breast cancer. I never realised this myself until recently and I’m sure there are many more women who don’t either.

“The trouble with high blood pressure is that it is hard to detect because there are no symptoms. You could be walking about with seriously high blood pressure and never know it until it’s too late because the symptoms are silent.

“But once diagnosed, steps can be taken to lower it either through medication or by adopting a healthy lifestyle.

“Before the age of 50 more men get coronary heart disease than women, but by the age of 60 or 70, the gap narrows.

“If women come to have their blood pressure taken next Friday and it’s okay, then they will leave with peace of mind.

“If it isn’t, then they will be told to contact their doctors and to be be advised by them.

“We will be distributing leaflets, courtesy of the British Heart Foundation, giving valuable information on how to reduce the risks of suffering a stroke or heart attack.”

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