Crossing delight for campaigners

Crossing delight for campaigners

IT’S taken a while... but this week Thornhill road safety campaigners were able to celebrate a new pedestrian crossing that finally links one of the village’s main green spaces to its residential areas.

Rectory Park is home to the Thornhill United junior football club, a children’s play area and walks down to the moated ruins of Thornhill Hall, but for years the main road where Hostingley Lane meets Church Lane and Frank Lane has left parents terrified for the youngsters’ safety.

On Monday, workers were busy on a new zebra crossing and extended central refuge area, to the delight of people who have campaigned since 2009.

“Better late than never,” said community activist Shaun Maddox, pictured, who lives nearby on Valley Road and has raised the dangers on regular occasions at Kirklees public meetings .

“A lot of people deserve credit for this,” said Shaun, “Chris Kennedy at Thornhill United, the committee of the Friends of Rectory Park and not least three local councillors, two former ones in Khizar Iqbal and Salim Patel, plus Masood Ahmed. They’ve all fought for this.

“They told us a child would have to get killed for us to get a crossing but thankfully it hasn’t come to that.

“At least now mums and dads can let their kids use the park and know there’s a safe place to cross.”

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