Crime boss answers questions, but Mayor is still not happy...

A TOP councillor is refusing to back down over claims police ‘play down’ crime in Mirfield after attending a public meeting.

The town’s mayor, Coun David Pinder, was at the Salvation Army Hall session last Thursday with police commissioner Mark Burns-Williamson.

Tory Coun Pinder previously claimed officers try to ‘hide’ crime in Mirfield by not reporting it widely enough.

He spoke out after linking several incidents, including a town centre jewellery store robbery, into what he described as a ‘crime wave’.

Fellow town councillor Coun Martyn Bolt (Con) arranged for Mr Burns-Williams to come to Mirfield to discuss any concerns people have.

The Press understands moves to organise a meeting were first made soon after Mr Burns-Williams was elected in November. Issues raised included the police’s controversial stance on arrangements for a Huddersfield Town football match later this month.

But The Press understands no questions were asked by the public about the recent ‘crime wave’ or how the police publicise crimes.

Coun Pinder said: “The meeting was a welcome step forward and Coun Bolt is to be congratulated for organising it.

“But an orchestrated PR meeting and consoling words are only that.

“I heard nothing which made me wish to change my previous comments.

“Indeed, the bland, formulaic statement I have since received from the police regarding one of my questions only serves to

strengthen my concern.”

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