Court tears of thug jailed for glassing girl

A THUG who scarred a teenage girl for life by glassing her in the face in a Dewsbury club has been jailed.

Ryan Carvill, 19, of Woodside Crescent, Staincliffe, Batley, was sent to a young offenders’ institution for 18 months.

Carvill pleaded guilty at Leeds Crown Court to causing grievous bodily harm at the Players Lounge in Dewsbury.

He wept and appeared shocked when he was imprisoned by the judge for an offence committed on October 13 last year.

Shamaila Qureshi, prosecuting, said Carvill touched the 15-year-old girl’s bottom when she was on the dancefloor.

It caused a dispute between the two in which she pushed him backwards and his glasses fell to the floor.

The girl walked away as Carvill picked them up. Moments later she was struck in the head by a pint glass which had been thrown.

Onlookers screamed as it ‘exploded’ on impact with the youngster’s face, leaving her covered in blood.

She suffered multiple lacerations to her face and needed 15 stitches to a gash that stretched across her cheek towards her eye.

The court heard she will be scarred for life and has trouble sleeping because of the trauma she suffered.

Carvill has previous convictions for violence against women. One offence involved him attacking his girlfriend.

Kate Bisset, mitigating, said Carvill threw the glass towards the victim but did not intend to strike her in the face.

Judge Neil Clark said: “This is a very serious matter. It is against a background of a record of petty violence, particularly against women.

“You can be very kind and caring and offer much to society. And yet against that you commit offences of this kind.”

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