Concern mounts for second teen who may be with Isis

THE whereabouts of missing Dewsbury teenager Hassan Munshi remain unknown.

Munshi, 17, is believed to have fled to Syria via Turkey in April with his best friend Talha Asmal, who died in a suicide mission last weekend.

Hassan was last seen boarding a flight to Turkey on March 31 and neighbour Anees Mahmood, 24, said: “I’m very concerned because they went there together.

“But according to word of mouth they parted ways after going there. As far as what I’ve heard, he’s maybe doing ok.”

Hassan is the brother of Hammaad Munshi, Britain’s youngest convicted terrorist.

From Turkey, he and Talha are thought to have gone to Syria.

Shahid Malik, the former MP for Dewsbury and a friend of both the Asmal and Munshi families, said: “Talha was a truly sweet-natured, helpful, respectful and friendly kid.

“It is incredibly difficult to reconcile this Talha with the suicide bomber at an Iraqi oil installation.”

He added: “It is disturbing to see how relaxed he looks in the Isis photographs allegedly taken just prior to his suicide mission.

“He looks at peace. It’s like he’s ready to go and meet his maker. This is a clear indication of just how successful the evil Isis groomers have been in poisoning and brainwashing Talha and kids like him.

“Every mosque should be making clear what is acceptable and unacceptable in Islam.

“To me, the tragedy is that the vast majority are not speaking in those terms.

“The counter narrative (against extremists) has to be Muslim-led, it has to come from the Muslim community.”

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