Climate change efforts 'average'

Climate change efforts 'average'

KIRKLEES Council’s performance on climate change is “average” according to statistics compiled by Friends of the Earth.

And having looked at the authority’s record on housing, transport, energy, trees, waste and divestment the campaign group said it and other UK councils needed “to do much more” if climate catastrophe is to be averted.

Figures revealed that Kirklees is doing less to combat climate change than neighbouring authorities such as Leeds and York.  

The borough received an overall score of 64 per cent, cited as ‘average’, compared to York and Leeds’ score of 68 per cent. 

Friends of the Earth claims: “Kirklees need to do much better on increasing the use of public transport, cycling, walking, increasing renewable energy, and increasing tree cover.”

The report said only 33 per cent of homes in the borough were well insulated, representing “a shocking waste of energy”.

Greenhouse gas emissions could be lower if more people in Kirklees used public transport.

It said the current figure of 12 per cent could go up to 20 per cent if more people travelled by bike, assuming good cycling infrastructure.

Friends of the Earth suggests Kirklees has a target of 60 per cent of people commuting by public transport, cycling and walking by 2030.

It said also Kirklees should try to increase tree cover in the borough to 20 per cent – significantly above the current eight per cent level.

Kirklees was also found lacking over recycling, with its figure of 27 per cent a poor comparison to other local authorities that have hit 60 per cent or local authorities in Wales that have set a target of 70 per cent by 2025.

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