Chief executive talks tough over fraud pledge

Chief executive talks tough over fraud pledge

BALLOT rigging is now less likely after tough action was taken, council chief executive Adrian Lythgo claimed this week.

Mr Lythgo, also the district’s official returning officer for elections, spelled out the measures taken since voter fraud hit the headlines two years ago.

One move is a code of conduct devised with party leaders that candidates and agents have to sign.

More rigorous checks of ballots are to be made while police are more closely involved than before.

Work to raise awareness among residents about the security of their vote and what their rights are has been done.

Candidates and agents have also been warned about their behaviour, including at several advice sessions.

Mr Lythgo said: “Allegations of electoral fraud can undermine confidence in the electoral system as much as proven cases of fraud.

“Since 2012 we have done a range of activities to increase confidence that each elector has cast their own vote.

“That work to uphold the integrity of elections happens throughout the year, not just in the run-up to voting.”

He added advice on ballot fraud was “well received” and “fully understood” by candidates and agents.

Anyone with concerns about election fraud can call the Kirklees Council elections office on 01484 221650.

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