‘Chicken’ jibe as Sherriff misses TV debate

‘Chicken’ jibe as Sherriff misses TV debate

AN ELECTION candidate was accused of being “chicken” for not taking part in a TV debate in Thornhill last Sunday.

Labour’s Paula Sherriff pulled out of a chance to quiz Tory incumbent Simon Reevell due to what is believed to be a family commitment. She was yet to reschedule as The Press went to print – with online criticism coming from Mr Reevell.

He wrote on Twitter on Tuesday that the lack of response was “disappointing and predicable”. Mr Reevell told The Press: “She’s going round telling everybody she’ll fight fearlessly for Dewsbury. But you have to wonder about that when she runs chicken from a debate. I offered any other time to suit but heard nothing.”

Dewsbury TV is an internet community channel which had planned an election special. Rival candidates were due to interview each other, with Ms Sherriff and Mr Reevell due to go head-to-head. Instead Mr Reevell took on UKIP’s Mark Thackray but said he would still debate with Ms Sherriff if she is available.

Previously, the Virgin Care dermatology service manager challenged Mr Reevell to a debate on the NHS. On Tuesday, Ms Sherriff took part in a BBC Radio Leeds debate on the future of healthcare. Dewsbury-born Beth Prescott, the Tory candidate for Normanton, Pontefract and Castleford, was also on the panel.

Meanwhile, Labour continued throwing everything at Dewsbury and Mirfield in a bid to win. Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls visited a playgroup at St Andrew’s Church in Mirfield on Tuesday.

The following day, Shadow Transport Secretary Michael Dugher saw pot-hole ridden roads around West Park Street in Dewsbury.

And Tory Justice Secretary Chris Graying is set to visit Dewsbury and Grange Moor today (Friday), with the promise of more ministerial visits to come.

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