Charity group caused town traffic dangers

CONCERNS have been raised about charity street collectors in Dewsbury who target car drivers.

Council chiefs admitted that licensing officials had to intervene when a group collecting for ‘Syria aid’ started stopping vehicles near the market recently.

Details came to light when Tim Wood, of the Old Colonial pub in Mirfield, heard claims from his customers.

Several told him they were stopped on Corporation Street in Dewsbury on Saturday April 19 and Wednesday April 23.

Mr Wood was himself accosted while driving on the same road at around 2.30pm last Saturday after a shopping trip.

And Press reader Brian Johnson, as detailed on our Forum page, was also targeted in his car by street collectors that day.

Mr Wood, who fundraises for several charities, reported the activities to Kirklees Council’s licensing team. He said: “Street collectors are not allowed to stop traffic.

“It puts the safety of drivers and the charity workers themselves at risk.

“I’ve nothing against the cause because as we all know the situation in Syria is terrible.

“It’s good that people are trying to do something – as long as the aid goes to the right people – but they shouldn’t be stopping traffic.”

A council spokeswoman said the Syria charity did have permits for street collections.

She added: “They were visited by licensing officers to give advice on working practices as we understand they were stopping vehicles near the market.”

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