Cemetery litterer identified after leaving behind clues

Cemetery litterer identified after leaving behind clues

A VOLUNTEER group was left disgusted after mounds of household waste was dumped at Dewsbury Cemetery.

The New Friends of Dewsbury Cemetery group discovered several rubbish bags full of soiled nappies, empty takeaway cartons and beer cans strewn across the ground near to the graveyard last week.

The group, alongside local charity Jariyah Bereavement Services, spend their spare time cleaning up the cemetery, litter picking, painting railings, jet washing and sprucing up the area.

Christine Leeman, who has been volunteering for the past six years, said: “When you see it in person, my heart just sank and I thought ‘how could you do this?’

“They need to be aware that people are watching. I know we’re not seeing the people doing it, it’s a pity we haven’t got CCTV.

“It’s bad enough when people walk in and throw pop bottles or an empty packet of cigarettes or an empty can. But this is so disrespectful.”

She added: “The tip is only down the road. We were there two hours cleaning up their rubbish. It was windy, we were like drowned rats. We’ve got better things to do, but we couldn’t leave it like that.”

Christine and group chairman Geoff Greensmith filled 11 bin bags and were able to pinpoint a name and address from letters they found within the waste.

Kirklees Council has been informed and officers are investigating the incident. A spokesman said: “We take all incidents of fly-tipping very seriously and carry out investigations and where possible take action against those responsible. Our officers have been made aware of this incident and are investigating. Anyone who witnesses fly-tipping is encouraged to report it via www.kirklees.gov.uk.flytipping so that the council can take appropriate action.”

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