Cats poisoned by anti-freeze

SEVERAL cats have died in Mirfield over recent weeks after they somehow ingested anti-freeze.

It is not known how up to eight animals, some from the London Park Estate, came to be poisoned.

One theory is the cold snap caused a rise in the use of antifreeze, with some of it leaking from a car or being left outside.

Some of the cats are believed to be strays, though two belonged to a family in the London Park Estate who are said to be devastated.

Vet Helen Hissett, of Donaldson’s surgery in Queen Street, said all the animals suffered agonising deaths.

She said: “They’ve shown symptoms including blindness, ulcers in the mouth, sickness and being wobbly and unsteady. We hope the poisoning isn’t intentional. It’s possible there could be a tub of anti-freeze left out in someone’s garden.

“Anti-freeze is sweet tasting and therefore cats and dogs will readily drink it. Only a small lethal dose can be lethal.”

Insp Emma Brook, of the RSPCA, said there is currently no evidence of the cats being deliberately poisoned.

But she added: “If there had been a leak from a car, you could have expected it to be washed away by rain.”

Anyone with information about it being deliberate should report it to the RSCPA on 0300 123 4999.

Cats can survive anti-freeze poisoning if treated early enough. Pet owners are advised to immediately call a vet if they notice their cat is ill.

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