‘If I can’t have them, he can’t have them either’

‘If I can’t have them, he can’t have them either’

A WOMAN from Heckmondwike stabbed her two young daughters to death a day after fleeing to a refuge in fear of her partner.

Samira Lupidi, 24, admitted at Bradford Crown Court to the manslaughter of three-year-old Evelyn Lupidi and 17-month-old Jasmine Weaver.

Lupidi, who denies murder, stabbed the two children in their beds at the refuge in Bradford.

She then told staff in reference to partner Carl Weaver: “If I can’t have them, he can’t have them either.”

The jury heard a 33cm stainless steel kitchen knife with a 21cm blade was removed from the scene.

Both children were found in their beds at the refuge with nine stab wounds to the chest each.

Peter Moulson QC, prosecuting, told the jury Italian-born Lupidi and the girls were moved to the refuge on November 17 last year.

Police were called to her home on Church Lane in Heckmondwike the previous day over claims she had been assaulted.

Lupidi told officers she had been hit on her arm and her legs by Mr Weaver, 31, the children’s father.

She also claimed he gave her little money for clothes and food and restricted her contact with family in Italy.

Lupidi feared Mr Weaver would take their children after they were baptised the following weekend.

Officers noted she did not appear to have injuries following the alleged assaults.

But jurors were told they took her and her daughters to a women’s refuge in Bradford for their own safety.

PC Kirsty Wright, who took Lupidi to the refuge, said in a statement read to the court the children were due to be baptised on November 21.

She added Lupidi feared Mr Weaver would use the occasion to leave her and take the children with him.

Lupidi told domestic violence workers Mr Weaver would kill her and the girls if he found them.

The next morning a support worker knocked on her bedroom door and Lupidi rushed out with her hands “smeared with blood”.

Mr Moulson said Lupidi was heard to say “They won’t believe that I’ve killed them” as she ran out of the flat on her mobile phone to her mother.

She is then alleged to have said: “I killed them. I hurt them. I killed the children.”

Lupidi next said: “It’s his fault. Now he has a reason to kill me. If I can’t have them, he can’t have them either. He was coming to get me. I had to do this.”

Mr Moulson told the jury Lupidi later told a police custody officer: “I know what I have done. My life is nothing now.”

Lupidi declined to comment further in two separate police interviews on the following day.

She admitted manslaughter of the girls on the grounds of diminished responsibility but denies murder.

Forensic medical examiner Dr Andrew Cobb judged Lupidi to be not overtly mentally ill.

But he believed her to be depressed and described her as appearing “thin, tense, guarded and quietly desperate”.

Mr Weaver came home from work in the late afternoon of November 16 to find his family gone.

He made repeated calls to police expressing concern about Lupidi and the girls, describing his partner as “on the verge of a nervous breakdown.”

Phone calls to officers were played for the jury, including one where he said Lupidi was “far from well.”

In a final call at 3am on the morning of the stabbings he said: “She’s paranoid and makes things up and creates a storm out of nothing.”

Following the conclusion of the prosecution case yesterday (Thurs)  Angela Rafferty QC told the jury that Miss Lupidi would not be giving evidence in her own defence.

The jury is expected to begin considering its verdicts on Monday afternoon or Tuesday.

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