Cancer patient's nightmare

A CANCER sufferer from Heckmondwike has told of his living nightmare after an operation went wrong.

David Earnshaw, 59, of Six Lane Ends, had surgery for prostate cancer in December last year.

The operation at Pinderfields Hospital successfully removed the cancer, but his bowel and bladder were cut by accident.

And scans for the procedure showed that he had a high white blood cell count. This was diagnosed as leukaemia, which cannot be treated until his other medical problems are sorted out.

The only surgeon who can make the repairs is based at University College Hospital in London. David, the steward at Liversedge Cricket Club, was hoping that a procedure due to take place there yesterday would end 10 months of agony.

He said four trips to London for scans cost £360 in rail fares which have yet to be reimbursed.

He is on antibiotics and multiple painkillers for infections and round-the-clock pain which leaves him exhausted.

The dad of four said: “The surgeon (at Pinderfields) cut my bowel and bladder so that everything leaks into one and I’m infected all the time.

“I was promised that it was a routine operation but the next thing I knew I was like this.”

Antibiotics alone do not deal with the infections, so he goes to Pinderfields every four or five weeks to have his system ‘flushed out’.

He added of the pain: “Some days I’m in bed at 4pm and won’t be up until the next day. It’s very easy to get depressed.”

The effect on wife Diane and the couple’s children – sons Craig, Andrew and Nathan and daughter Toni – has been just as traumatic.

He said: “I went from being 14 stone and fit to 10 stone. Some of my family and friends said I looked so terrible they thought I was going to die.”

David Melia, director of staff and patient engagement at the Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust, said: “We cannot comment on the specifics of what care and operations patients have received because we need to respect their privacy and confidentiality.

“We have been in contact with this patient to let him know what he needs to do to have his expenses paid.”

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