Campaigning grandma warns against lottery scam

A BATTLING greatgrandma has warned vulnerable people not to be taken in by a lottery scam.
Winifred Black, 85, of Industrial Avenue, Birstall, called in police after she received a letter saying she had won £400,000.
The letter, which appeared to be postmarked Romford, Essex, was headed: ‘EuroMillion, Lottery international’ and gave the winning numbers 4, 13, 21, 27, 36, 38 and the bonus ball 45.
The letter congratulated Mrs Black as a “approved” winner of the taxfree lump sum.
It said Mrs Black had been selected at random from more than three million people worldwide.
Disturbingly, the letter was accompanied by a ‘Fund Release Order Form’ which asked for personal ID information and bank account details.
Mrs Black said though she wasn’t taken in she didn’t dismiss it straightaway.
“It seems very plausible. At first I thought it was my lucky day. I have a few Premium Bonds and I thought I had come up trumps,” she said. “I spoke to my soninlaw David and he looked it up on the internet and it’s a scam.
“I have given a copy to the police and I’ll just be pleased if I can prevent one other person being duped by this.”
Mrs Black, a mill worker for 28 years, was a longtime campaigner for pensioners’ rights.
She was secretary of the Batleybased Transport and General Workers’ Union (TGWU) retired members for 16 years.
During that time she lobbied the European Parliament over VAT and arranged local distribution points for the handout of free beef and butter from the European food mountains in the 1990s.
“I haven’t given up yet,” she said. “I am still fighting my campaigns.”
The letter, signed by company president Kelly Morgan, gives the address 138142 Oxford Street East, London, and urges Mrs Black to claim before August 20 otherwise the cash will be returned unclaimed.
The letter gives a telephone number for David Duncan, the Foreign Service Manager of Alpha Finance Security Company.
The Press rang the number and spoke to a man with a foreign accent who said he was David Duncan.
When asked whether Mrs Black had won £400,000 he said: “That should be a mistake” and hung up.

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