Cafe owner’s sign warns ‘I am black’

Cafe owner’s sign warns ‘I am black’

CLAIMS that a black cafe owner in Ossett faces racism from customers made headlines across the world this week.

Martha-Renee Kolleh, 46, of the Yeanon Cafe on Bank Street, put a notice in the front door warning people she is black.

The move came after months of frustration over how people allegedly flee the cafe when they see they colour of her skin.

The message said: “...I am a black woman and always will be. If you are allergic to black people, donít come in.”

National and international media reported the story and it went viral on the internet, trending as a hot topic on Twitter.

Featured prominently was a claim that a family recently took one look at Martha-Renee and fled, claiming to be in the ‘wrong place’.

Single mum Martha-Renee, originally from Liberia, Africa, has lived in the UK for 12 years with her three children.

She has run the cafe for two years and her menu includes traditional English breakfasts, cakes and African food.

The notice has had a mixed reception in Ossett. Wakefield Council are now investigating the allegations.

Martha-Renee said: “I’m trying to make a living for myself and my children, but I am tired of the discrimination against me and my business.

“I put the sign there because of the way people treat me. They just open the door, take one look at me and they walk out.”

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