Buses will be withdrawn

TWO bus services linking residential areas with shops, post offices and supermarkets are to be removed.
Introduced in 2008 as part of a pilot scheme, the MetroLocal services linking Dewsbury, Savile Town, Thornhill and Grange Moor will be withdrawn as they have carried on average just 80 passengers a week.
MetroLocal uses small modern buses for school journeys on a morning and afternoon, then in between provides offpeak journeys which cannot be made by larger buses or for people who find using conventional services difficult.
Partly funded by the district’s area committees and Kirklees Council as well as the Metro transport authority, the services proved highly successful in other areas of Dewsbury, carrying around 260 passengers per week.
Routes into Dewsbury from Shaw Cross, Earlsheaton, Westborough and Eightlands will now run six days a week instead of three.
Council and Metro officials will travel on the services due to be removed to discuss alternatives with passengers and in some cases it may be possible to provide an Access Bus.
Dewsbury’s Town and Valley Committee this week agreed to help fund the scheme for another two years at a cost of £7,000.

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