Brave Connor is health hero

A 10YEAROLD boy from Heckmondwike is the youngest person in the country to be woken during brain surgery.
Connor Harrison was roused to protect his speech while doctors at Leeds General Infirmary operated for six hours on a brain tumour. The growth was on the part of the brain which deals with language and Connor had to answer questions to make sure his speech was unaffected. Speech therapist Suzanne Spink worked with Connor before the tumour was successfully removed on July 1 to prepare the tests she would carry out.
Impressed medics gave Connor a bravery medal for enduring the procedure. He now faces radiotherapy and chemotherapy.
Mum Sarah Warren said: “It was a shock to be told he has this thing, he needs an operation and they want to wake him up during it.”
But he took it in his stride and told his gran, Jacqui McEvoy, of the radiotherapy and chemotherapy: “I’m not worried. It’s a doddle.”
Part of it comes from being diagnosed with leukaemia aged two, which led to a bone marrow transplant at St James’s Hospital in Leeds.
Connor was given the allclear five years ago, then last month he complained of headaches and of feeling something in his head.
He was diagnosed with a grade four glioblastoma, which is an aggressive type of brain tumour more common in men aged over 50.
Paediatric neurosurgeon John Goodden carried out the procedure. Connor is the second youngest in the world to be treated like this. 
Sarah added: “Doctors used a stimulator touching part of his brain to see which was the tumour and which were the important parts. You’re wondering how he’s going to cope. He’s only 10.
“But in his mind he’s beaten it before and can beat it again. He amazes even me.”

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