Brabin will vote in favour of triggering Article 50

BATLEY and Spen MP Tracy Brabin has confirmed she will vote in favour of triggering Article 50 following this week’s Supreme Court ruling.

The court this week confirmed MPs would have to vote whether or not to trigger Britain leaving the European Union. The Labour MP was a keen supporter of the Remain campaign, as was her predecessor Jo Cox.

However, Ms Brabin said she would acknowledge that Batley and Spen voted to leave the EU and support the government in its efforts to leave.

Ms Brabin said: “When deciding how to vote on the submission of Article 50 it’s especially hard for us in Batley and Spen as we know Jo campaigned relentlessly for Remain.

“I too voted remain. But democracy has spoken.

“The people went to the polls and made their decision to leave the EU. As a politician who asks people to vote for me, I don’t believe it’s my right to block the sovereign will of the people, locally or nationally.

“We must now move past the titles of ‘remainers’ or ‘leavers’ because at the end of the day, everyone who cast their vote last June did so with the vision of making our country better.”

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