Boos for planners as ‘flawed’ project passed

CAMPAIGNERS claim a developer targeting Mirfield should be made to go back to the drawing board.

Ben Bailey Homes won backing from councillors last Thursday for a scheme on land off Kitson Hill Road.

Residents believe plans showing where 34 new properties will be located in relation to existing neighbouring homes are wrong.

One claim is that the house of an 82-year-old dementia sufferer is listed as a windowless garage. Campaigners asked officials at Kirklees Council’s Heavy Woollen Planning Sub-Committee meeting to check this.

There was uproar at Dewsbury Town Hall when council staff allegedly stated the site plan is correct.

Peter Morgan, of the Lady Heton Action Group, said: “We’ve never disputed the fact that this land will be built on. The biggest upset for us in this is that the council have in front of them drawings that are incomplete and inaccurate.

“As can be seen from the site layout, the weakest in our local community are penalised the most.”

Campaigners also claimed the new homes breach rules by being too close to existing properties.

A survey which could show the existence of a protected species of newt has also not been finished yet.

There were boos and cries of ‘shame on you’ and ‘disgusting’ when the application passed.

Coun Andrew Pinnock (Lib Dem, Cleckheaton) said: “We’re under pressure because we don’t have a five-year supply of land.”

Mr Morgan vowed to fight on and said: “This experience has severely dented our confidence in the democratic process of local government.

“Our challenge to this flawed process and flawed decision will therefore continue.”

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