Bogus report sees doctor suspended

A DOCTOR caught issuing a bogus whiplash injury report in a newspaper sting has been suspended for 12 months.

Dr Muhammad Raheel Shaikh, 41, of Dewsbury, was sentenced at a Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service (MPTS) hearing.

The health watchdog heard Dr Shaikh wrote the report in June 2012 six days after meeting an undercover journalist from a national tabloid.

The reporter, known as Patient A, filmed an 18-minute ‘medical examination’ which Dr Shaikh charged £250.

The Doncaster Royal Infirmary medic was working at a private Wakefield clinic at the time.

He diagnosed the undercover reporter as having whiplash injuries even after the fake motorist said he suffered from no pain.

The report stated the man was “thrown forwards and backwards” in a crash and suffered “moderate neck pain a day after the accident”.

It added the neck pain had “moderately restricted” his ability to lift heavy items and do DIY.

His report could have been used by the reporter to make a false personal injury claim worth thousands of pounds.

Dr Shaikh, who admitted faking the report, was suspended after his actions were ruled “misleading and dishonest”.

He told the hearing he was “quite ashamed” after watching a recording of the meeting and realised he had “made a big mistake”.

Sheila Hollingworth, MPTS panel chair, said: “Your misconduct was exacerbated by the fact that there was a conscious decision on your part to submit the misleading report.”

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