‘Bodged’ boiler caused holiday deaths

‘Bodged’ boiler caused holiday deaths

A GRIEVING mother accused tour operator Thomas Cook of negligence over the deaths of her children.

Sharon Wood told an inquest that routine safety checks on a holiday bungalow would have averted tragedy.

Wakefield Coroners’ Court heard that daughter Christi, seven, and son Bobby, six, of Horbury, died in October, 2006.

The youngsters were in Corfu when they suffered carbon monoxide poisoning from a faulty boiler.

It emerged that previous guests were still in hospital with the same condition when they arrived with dad Neil Shepherd and stepmother Ruth.

As a result their room was not ready and they were put up elsewhere in a complex served by the same boiler.

The court heard it was a “botched and bodged” system that had been incorrectly installed.

Lethal carbon monoxide seeped into the children’s bedroom through holes in the walls.

The problems were missed due to Thomas Cook employing health and safety inspectors without qualifications.

Sharon said: “I want to know why those gas boilers were not identified and  why they were not serviced regularly. This isn’t just a difference of local standards abroad. This is gross negligence and ultimately my children paid the price with their lives.”

She asked if safety checks should be done by “untrained, unqualified travel reps who know nothing more than we do”.

“We want to know why they feel they should put their profits over the lives of holidaymakers.”

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