Bin done for recycling woe? At least it's free

Bin done for recycling woe? At least it's free
By Tony Earnshaw
Local Democracy Reporter

WITH checks on residents’ recycling bins starting this week in North Kirklees, the council has at least assured people that if confiscated, they won’t have to pay to get them back.

Last week The Press reported how 1,300 bins had been confiscated in the Huddersfield district after council inspectors began ‘snooping’ round residents’ recycling bins, looking for the wrong discarded items that were contaminating entire loads.

The Council described the removal of green bins as “a last resort” but said the scheme has had “a tremendous amount of success” leading to the recycling of 45-85 additional tonnes of green waste every week in Huddersfield – up to 17 full bin lorries.

Residents who have contaminated their green waste with non-recyclable rubbish receive a yellow warning sticker on their bin and if they repreat the infraction their bin is seized and taken to a town centre waste depot.

They can apply to have it returned after six months. Twelve advisors have been hired on temporary contracts until July at a cost of £80,000. 

Coun Naheed Mather (pictured left) the council’s Cabinet Member for Environment, commented: “Whilst we have removed bins, we can return them, and further information [is] provided so the situation does not occur again.

“The campaign we have run has proved successful in the south of the borough and we are taking stock, and seeing what we need to change to ensure that we have an even greater impact in the north of the borough when we roll out our approach there shortly.”

She thanked residents who had helped make the scheme a success but added: “Unfortunately, there is a minority of people who use their recycling bin as an additional household waste bin, and some people who are not clear what should go in to each bin. 

“We have committed additional resources to work with our residents, so we can all do what is best for the environment of Kirklees.

“This includes, as a last resort, the removal of bins where residents, despite our efforts, continue to put material in our recycling bins which we cannot recycle.”

What CAN go in the green bin: Aerosols, Bottle tops and lids – metal only. Plastic tops and lids cannot be recycled; Cans, Cardboard, Envelopes with stamps, Greetings cards, Paper (but not shredded paper), Photographs (digitally printed), Plastic bottles (clean), Metal tins.

The following CANNOT be put in a green bin: Drinks and food cartons, Tetrapaks, Foil, Glass, Hard plastics, Light bulbs, Metal pots and pans, Photographs (old), Plastic netting, plant pots, sheeting, trays, Scrap metals, Toothpaste tubes, Tyres, Wallpaper, White goods, Wrapping paper.

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