Why Bill's feeling in the pink...

Why Bill's feeling in the pink...

BILL BEATTIE was tickled pink by the sight of this brightly-coloured bird on the roof of his home in Thornhill Lees.

Bill, of Lees Hall Road, noticed it last Tuesday and took photographs.

The same bird – or a similar one with bright pink plumage –  was seen on Knowler Hill, Littletown, Liversedge, at around 1.40pm on Monday.

Bill said: “Other birds on the roof wouldn’t have anything to do with it. They were all moving away, leaving it on its own.”

Bill believes the bird could be a rare breed of pigeon.

There is an endangered pink pigeon native to Mauritius but seen in the UK, although it has grey wings. Alternately it could be a pigeon or another bird dyed pink for a special event, such as an Asian wedding.

Jayne Barber, an RSPB member, spotted the bird in Littletown and identified it as a pigeon.

Exactly how it came by its rich colouring is a mystery, though Bill said: “It certainly brightened up my day.”

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