Bid to buy 'Old Anchor'

COUNCIL officials have launched proceedings to compulsorily purchase the derelict Old Anchor pub in Dewsbury.
The dilapidated building opposite Dewsbury Health Centre has stood empty for more than a decade and its owners have not responded to repeated council demands for remedial action.
In August council chiefs threatened enforcement action against the owners as part of a £750,000 bid to improve rundown or derelict buildings in Dewsbury.
This week Coun Paul Kane, chairman of the Dewsbury Regeneration Board, revealed at a Town and Valley Committee meeting that officers had begun the process of obtaining a Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO).
“On two or three occasions officers have arranged to meet the owner but he hasn’t turned up,” he said. “We’ve started the ball rolling for a CPO but, as we’ve found out with Pioneer House, it is a very, very long process.
"If we can get two or three of these problem buildings bought up and revamped then it will give our regeneration plans a kickstart."

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