Beer festival cancellation blow

Beer festival cancellation blow

AN ONLINE war of words has broken out after Dewsbury’s beer festival was axed due to the lack of volunteers.

The Dewsbury and Heavy Woollen Beer and Cider Festival was due to be held at the town hall from Thursday May 15 to Saturday 17.

Its cancellation sparked a row on Facebook, with one poster claiming lack of volunteers was a poor excuse.

Organisers hope the festival, which attracted 2,500 people last year, will be back in 2015.

One cask ale fan was not impressed and wrote: “P**s poor excuse. Adverts for volunteers? Where, when?

“Internet and social media at your fingertips. This is just a can’t be *rsed attitude, so I won’t be *rsed to go in 2015.”

Matthew Wood, a volunteer at other public events, said: “The amount of work that goes into the organisation is massive.

“Please be understanding of this. Sometimes it can get too much running at the side of a full-time job.

“It’s amazing how everyone is fast to criticise when things go wrong but are not prepared to volunteer to secure such events.”

Last year’s festival, opened by rugby league legend Mike Stephenson, saw about 80 beers on tap.

Andy Kassube, one of the organisers, said staffing the event itself was not the problem.

He said: “It’s the marketing, the paperwork you have to go through, the selection and sourcing of the beers - it all takes a lot of work.

“And the volunteers have to be CAMRA members because of the terms of the insurance policy. We couldn’t go out to the public.”

Anyone interested in joining the Heavy Woollen CAMRA branch to help can call Paul Dixey on 01924 420029.

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