Batley MP is steaming over trains

Batley MP is steaming over trains

BATLEY & SPEN MP Tracy Brabin says it’s an insult to make her constituents pay more for train services that simply aren’t reliable.

Speaking after the rail fare rise which has seen fares rise by over three per cent nationally, Ms Brabin suggested freezing fares until services improve.

The fare spike brings the total increase of regulated fares – including peak fares and season tickets – to 36 per cent since 2010, rising two-and-a-half time faster than wages.

Local rail services have created widespread disruption this year due to cancellations and overcrowded trains.

And according to independent website OnTimeTrains, Batley station is in the bottom 100 stations for performance in the UK, with only eight per cent of trains running on time.

Labour MP Ms Brabin said: “Commuters arriving at Batley station will rightfully feel that this fare hike is a regrettable start to the new year.

“Given the poor record of services in the last 12 months, where Batley station was found to be one of the least reliable in the country, it’s quite frankly insulting to force my constituents to pay more.

“Rather than overseeing spiralling increases, Transport Secretary Chris Grayling should focus on improving the performance of services and freeze fares until they do.

“I continue to remain deeply concerned about the lack of concrete plans for electrification as well as the future of a direct route between Batley and Manchester.

“I know rail services really matter to local people and will continue to campaign on this important issue in 2019.”

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