Batley kids ‘flash dance’ for polio

Batley kids ‘flash dance’ for polio

YOUNGSTERS from a Batley school performed a ‘flash dance’ last Thursday to raise awareness of polio.

The Rotakids group from St Mary’s RC Primary went to Asda in Morley for an event similar to an internet flash mob.

It was for World Polio Day and was organised by Batley Rotary Club, of which St Mary’s Rotakids are part.

The children wore purple t-shirts and had permission from their parents to have their nails painted that colour.

Rotary club secretary Patricia Taylor said: “When children in other countries get the polio vaccine from Rotarians purple dye is put on their fingers.

“It’s so when visits are made to outlying villages Rotarians know if a child has or hasn’t been vaccinated.”

She added that the youngsters had a great time dancing in support of the Rotary movement’s worldwide aim of wiping out polio for good.

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