Batley councillor goes on Hillary’s campaign trail

Batley councillor goes on Hillary’s campaign trail

A KIRKLEES councillor travelled to the USA to join up with Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. 

Coun Marielle O’Neill was one of 10 people chosen to represent the Young Fabians group on a research and campaign delegation to America.

The delegates from all over the UK met with high-profile officials and organisations to share lessons about how American and British politics could influence each other.

They also made canvassing phone calls and visited homes on behalf of Mrs Clinton in the vital swing states of Pennsylvania and Virginia.

The Batley West Labour councillor described it as “an absolute privilege to represent the UK”.

She said: “As a young woman I experience first-hand the challenges women face working in politics. I am inspired by Hillary Clinton as she is a fighter and a strong woman who rises like a phoenix after each setback, stronger than ever. I knew I had to play whatever small part I could to support Hillary’s campaign and see her make history as the first female president.”

Each of the 10 delegates was given a specific research task and Coun O’Neill’s research topic was focused around digital campaigning – how the candidates are using social media and email to get their message across and raise funds.

The group met with the company behind Bernie Sanders’ social media campaign and learned key tips on how Bernie had used innovative digital techniques to raise cash from small donors.

“It’s about time we smash the toughest glass ceiling and have a woman holding the most powerful position in the world,” added Coun O’Neill.

“I want to be able to say to my nine-year-old niece that she can achieve anything she wants to, so I was proud to work on Hillary Clinton’s campaign.”

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