Balderstone Fields developers detect signs of ancient roundhouse

Balderstone Fields developers detect signs of ancient roundhouse

A CONTROVERSIAL site in Mirfield earmarked for development may be hiding an important archaeological discovery, according to town councillor Steve Benson.

Balderstone Fields, off Wellhouse Lane, could have 61 houses built on it if planning permission is granted.

But a recent archaeological survey by developers Bellway Homes shows that a roundhouse or burial mound dating back to Anglo-Saxon times could be lying beneath the site.

Documents on the Kirklees planning website state: “There is a sub-circular anomaly adjacent to one of the enclosure responses, which is approximately 16 metres across. This response is either related to a circular feature (such as a large roundhouse or barrow) that has been cut across at its edge by a later linear archaeological feature, or it is a broadly circular sub-enclosure that is attached to the linear archaeological feature.”

Coun Benson said: “It’s exciting if it’s a roundhouse or even if it’s a burial mound, either one is very interesting for Mirfield.

“I’ve researched Mirfield and there’s nothing at all on the maps to find. It’s a huge piece of historical data.

“I think it’d be immoral to build over that feature if it is a roundhouse. It would be an interesting piece of history for Mirfield to protect and maintain so people can visit it.”

However, Coun Benson admitted that while he and community group Project Mirfield could use the potential roundhouse to try and prevent the development going ahead, he doubts it would make a difference.

He said: “I’m afraid in my opinion, as it stands at the moment, yes they will (be able to build on the site).

“I think there’s a possibility of objecting against the fact they’ve found whatever they find, because it is historical value for Mirfield, but I doubt it.”

Kirklees Council will make a decision on whether to give plans the go-ahead at a planning meeting on Thursday June 7 – almost a month after the original deadline of May 10.

Coun Benson said: “I’m staying very positive because there’s many questions that haven’t been answered.”

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